Friday, 30 July 2021

Ha Sun 26th July

I've done a lot of calcium images lately, and with a drop in seeing quality decided to shift wavelengths down to Ha for a double stack view of the various filaments and plage that were visible. Ha-FD-DS AR12847-Ha-DS90-f16-290mm AR12846-Ha-DS90-f16-290mm

Calcium Sun 22nd July

More good weather, more good seeing, this time the sun in Ha and also CaK: AR12842-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw ar12842-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw AR12845-CaK-100mm-f28-IMX174-bw ar12845-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw AR12846-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw ar12846-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw AR12846-Ha-DS-90mm-f16-290mm-bw ar12847-ar12849-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw ar12847-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw AR12848-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw ar12848-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw AR12849-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw CaK-FD-60mm-f16-ICX814-bw Ha-FD-DS-50mm-ICX814-bw Plage-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw

Calcium Sun 21st July

The good weather and good seeing carried on, so I carried on imaging the sun is CaK light as there were plenty of features to be looking at! AR12842-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm ar12845-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm ar12846-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm ar12847-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm ar12848-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm CaK-FD-50mm-20-ICX814

Calcium Sun 20th July

A whole booty of images from this day at a range of scales! ar12842-CaK-60mm-f28-290mm AR12842-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm ar12845-CaK-60mm-f28-290mm AR12845-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm ar12846-caK-60mm-f28-290mm ar12846-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm New-AR-Cak-60mm-f28-290mm New-AR-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm plage-CaK-60mm-f28-290mm Plage-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm CaK-FD-60mm-f16-ICX916M

CaK Sun 23rd June

CaK-FD-collour ar12833-cak-30mmf20-290mm-colour new-activity-cak-colour

CaK in Average Seeing 19th July

Taken at 80mm f22 with the ZWO290mm camera. ar12842-CaK-80mm-f22-290mm ar12845-CaK-80mm-f22-290mm

CaK in Reasonable Seeing 18th July

Taken at 120mm f20 with the ZWO290mm camera: ar12845-cak-120mm-290m-f20 ar12842-CaK-120mm-290m-f20

Solar Shots From 16th June

Ha-FD-SS-bw filament.-colour ar12833-Ha-SS-colour prom-bw

Solar Shots From 9th June

Ha-FD-DS-colour Ha-AR-DS-colour CaK-FD-colour

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Ha Full Disk 8th June

ha-fd-ds-colour A quick look at the sun this morning before work with the double stacked 50mm scope, there is starting to be plenty of activty to see on the sun at the moment which is nice to see!