Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Double DIsks 20th May

WL FD 80mm f7.5 zwo183mm CaK FD 60mm f10 zwo183mm Saturday was a nice sunny day, clear blue skies! Alas I didn't have much time so only managed a quick couple of disks. First off the white light, taken with the Skywatcher ED80 at f7.5 with the Lunt Solar wedge, continuum filter and the ZWO183mm. Second up is the CaK disk, taken with the same scope but at 60mm f10, homebrew CaK filter and the zwo183mm again. I love this camera with it's small 2.4um pixels for full disks!

Monday, 15 May 2023

ATrio of Disks 15th May

WL FD 80mm f7.5 lunt wedge continuum zwo183mm Ha FD DS50 60mm f6 2x cemax zwo183mm CaK FD 60mm f10 zwo183mm It's been a funny old year for solar this year, just not the opportunity for various reasons to get out there and see the sun. So, I was really pleased after finishing work to get sunshine and clear blue skies. The warm summer evenings meant I just had to get outside and image!

Sunday, 30 April 2023

Ha Full Disk 29th April

Ha FD ss50 ss0.3a tz4 reducer zwo183 2x bin It's been a while since i've got round to putting up some images here. Full disk taken with the LC50 etalon on the 60mm f6 scope, TZ4, Solar SPectrum 0.3a, 0.65x telecompressor and ZWO183mm with 2x2 binning. Lots of contrast and quite difficult to get even, but slow exposure time means I probaly won't be using it as my regular grab and go gor full disks.

Monday, 13 March 2023

Ha Full Disk 12th March

Ha FD DS50 60mmf6 2x cemax zwo183mm The weather has been awful of late, so when sunday offered something almost resembling clear (well hazy really!) skies I decided to just get the scope and go fishing for the less hazy breaks. Seeing was awful and are loosing resolution even at the full disk scale, but, it is nice just to be able to see the sun really!

Saturday, 11 March 2023

Ha Sunshine 26th February

Ha FD DS50 f15 zwo183mm active regiuon and prom 100mm f8 tz4 ss0.3rg imx174 Active regions and filaments 100mm f8 tz4 ss0.3rg imx174 big spot 100mm f8 tz4 ss0.3rg imx174 A nice afternoon of sunshine!

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

CaK Full Disk Sunday 26th February 2023

CaK FD 60mm f10 zwo183mm Right at the end of Sunday, a quick full disk in CaK. Taken 60mm f10, homebrew CaK filter, zwo183mm.

Stekkar Aurora, Iceland Tuesday 21st February 2023

stekkar-aurora-21st-Feb-23 There was only one real aurora display from a week in Iceland and here it is. Taken from 22.19ut till 23.29ut on Tuesday 21st February. Canon 350D 10mm f4 iso800 30s.

Sunocular Fun Tuesday 21st February

Away in the wilderness of Iceland it was nice to get a view of a hazy sun with the Lunt 8x32 Sunoculars. 2023-02-21_04-33-20 These are a great piece of very portable solar equipment that provide meaningful views WhatsApp Image 2023-02-21 at 16.29.21 All the main sunspot groups were quite easy to see, with the image below approximated what could be seen visually very well. tdiqa230221t1614_dim-860 The end of the day was clear and cold and provided a lovely view of the conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. 2023-02-21_07-38-22

Sunday, 12 February 2023

First Sunshine of the Year 5th February

more filament 100mm f8 tz4 ss0.3a copy sw filament 100mm f8 tz4 ss03a copy SE Proms 100mm f8 TZ4 SS03a copy First solar imaging of the year, and also first iamging with the solar spectrum rg38 0.3a Ha filter on the 100mm f8 APM triplet. TZ4 was used to get to f32 with the camera being the FLIR IMX174. Sky conditions were thick haze and these were taken with long exposure and very high gain just to punch through it all, very pleased with the results given this. Very much looking foreward to being able to use this new setup in better conditions.

Saturday, 15 October 2022

Calcium Proms 15th October

CaK FD 60mm f10 zwo183mm bw AR and Proms CaK 80mm f15 zwo290mm bw CaK Proms 80mm f15 zwo290mm bw Saturday started with clear skies and decent transparency, with the large active region(s?) of late heading over the limb it was a good opportunity to check out for CaK proms, and there were plenty!