Saturday, 21 May 2022

Ha Full Disk 21st May

Ha-FD-DS50-2x-cemax-zwo183mm-colour A hugely oversampled disk using the DS50 setup, 2x cemax barlow and the ZWO 183mm camera. The barlow seems to give around 2.5x. The weather was not cooperating and I sat poised for some time at the scope waiting for fleeting gaps that I could grab some frames in, still, glad I did as the forecast is not promising for clear skies in the foreseeable.

CaK Full Disk 19th May

CaK-FD-50mm-f16-zwo183-colour Solar time seems to have been quite limited this year, with it being sunny when i'm at work, and then cloud building up in the evenings. On Thursday I did manage to get a quick full disk in the haze before the clouds finally closed in. Taken with the LZOS 100/800 refractor stopped down to 50mm, the home brew CaK filter and the ZWO 183mm camera, which gives a lovely image scale with this scope.

80% Gibbous Moon 11th May

80%-gibbous-moon-100mm-f8-zwo183mm Bullialdus-100mm-f8-2x-cemax-290mm Copernicus-100mm-2x-cemax-290mm sinus-iridium-100mm-f8-2x-cemax-290mm south-pole-100mm-f8-2x-cemax-290mm Always nice to the see the moon in the warm spring evening sky. Got out with the LZOS 100/800 and 183mm camera for the whole disk, the close ups taken with the 2x cemax barlow and the zwo290mm camera.

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Crescent Moon 5th May

cresecent-moon-100-f8-183mm-bw First test with the APM 100/800 and a newly acquired ZWO183mm camera. Perfect frame size and perfect pixel size for this scope. I plan to use it for WL and CaK solar, and, fixed noise permitting, with the Coronado DS90. Big images equals big file sizes, so I think the next upgrade will be a new laptop to handle it better.

Monday, 2 May 2022

C-Class Solar Flare in CaK - 30th April

CaK-ani-1024-colour Couldn't believe my luck when I turned my scope onto the sun and there was a c-class flare erupting just off the limb. This animation shows it's development over a period of 19 minutes. Things happen quick on the sun!

Solar Selection 24th April

Ha-FD-DS50-2x-cemax-ICX814-colour Active-regions-Ha-DS50-2x-cemax-290mm-colour CaK-FD-60mm-f16-ICX814-colour Sunspot-CaK-100mm-f27-290mm-colour Active-Regions-CaK-100mm-f27-290mm-colour The sun has been busy lately, and April has given some nice opportunities for observing!

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Busy Sun! 19th April

Ha-FD-DS50-2x-cemax-ICX814-colour ARs-DS50-2x-cemax-zwo290mm-bw floating-proms-Ha-DS50-2x-cemax-zwo290mm-colour There's lots happening on the sun at the moment, over the past couple of days a series of large active regions has rotated over the suns north eastern limb. These have been very active crackling with both M and X class flares. If you have a solar telescope now is the time to take a look and see our star at it's most fiery!

Monday, 11 April 2022

Waxing Moon - 7th April

crescent-moon.-thin Lovely crescent moon tonight - taken with the `100/800 APM scope and ICX814 chipped camera.

Monday, 4 April 2022

Sundays Solar Selection 3rd April

Ha-FD-DS50-ICX814-bw ar12978-ar12976-Ha-DS50-2x-cemax-zwo290mm-bw ar12978-Ha-DS50-2x-cemax-zwo290mm-bw Sunday was a predominantly cloudy day, with only brief sunny spells, so when a 15 minute gap in the late afternoon presented itself I was keen to make the most of it. Still not got the clocking 100% correct on this etalon setup but are not too far off. This setup makes for a nice detalied grab and go portable bit of kit!

Sunday, 3 April 2022

Ha Full Disk - 2nd April

Clocked-Ha-DS50-colour I continue to be impressed with the DS50 setup, lots of detail, just in the process of dialling in the best tuning for it. The contrast and transmission are both high with this setup.