Saturday 26 February 2022

Calcium Sun 25th February

CaK-FD-BW ar12954-ar12955-CaK-colour The last time I was able to observe the sun was 3rd October, and after this near 5 month solar drought in a particularly cloudy winter I was finally able to get a view in. The full disk was taken with the 100/800 LZOS running at 50mm f16 as this sampling works nicely with the large chipped PGR camera. The closeup wasn't really up to the seeing that I had, and this was shot again with the 100/800 LZOS running at 80mm f10 along with the Airylab 2.7x telecentric, the homebrew CaK filter and the ZWO 290mm camera. I have lot of hope with this setup when conditions improve!