Friday 30 July 2021

Ha Sun 26th July

I've done a lot of calcium images lately, and with a drop in seeing quality decided to shift wavelengths down to Ha for a double stack view of the various filaments and plage that were visible. Ha-FD-DS AR12847-Ha-DS90-f16-290mm AR12846-Ha-DS90-f16-290mm

Calcium Sun 22nd July

More good weather, more good seeing, this time the sun in Ha and also CaK: AR12842-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw ar12842-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw AR12845-CaK-100mm-f28-IMX174-bw ar12845-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw AR12846-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw ar12846-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw AR12846-Ha-DS-90mm-f16-290mm-bw ar12847-ar12849-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw ar12847-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw AR12848-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw ar12848-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw AR12849-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm-bw CaK-FD-60mm-f16-ICX814-bw Ha-FD-DS-50mm-ICX814-bw Plage-Ha-127mm-f26-IMX174-bw

Calcium Sun 21st July

The good weather and good seeing carried on, so I carried on imaging the sun is CaK light as there were plenty of features to be looking at! AR12842-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm ar12845-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm ar12846-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm ar12847-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm ar12848-CaK-100mm-f28-290mm CaK-FD-50mm-20-ICX814

Calcium Sun 20th July

A whole booty of images from this day at a range of scales! ar12842-CaK-60mm-f28-290mm AR12842-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm ar12845-CaK-60mm-f28-290mm AR12845-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm ar12846-caK-60mm-f28-290mm ar12846-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm New-AR-Cak-60mm-f28-290mm New-AR-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm plage-CaK-60mm-f28-290mm Plage-CaK-120mm-f28-290mm CaK-FD-60mm-f16-ICX916M

CaK Sun 23rd June

CaK-FD-collour ar12833-cak-30mmf20-290mm-colour new-activity-cak-colour

CaK in Average Seeing 19th July

Taken at 80mm f22 with the ZWO290mm camera. ar12842-CaK-80mm-f22-290mm ar12845-CaK-80mm-f22-290mm

CaK in Reasonable Seeing 18th July

Taken at 120mm f20 with the ZWO290mm camera: ar12845-cak-120mm-290m-f20 ar12842-CaK-120mm-290m-f20

Solar Shots From 16th June

Ha-FD-SS-bw filament.-colour ar12833-Ha-SS-colour prom-bw

Solar Shots From 9th June

Ha-FD-DS-colour Ha-AR-DS-colour CaK-FD-colour