Saturday 15 October 2022

Calcium Proms 15th October

CaK FD 60mm f10 zwo183mm bw AR and Proms CaK 80mm f15 zwo290mm bw CaK Proms 80mm f15 zwo290mm bw Saturday started with clear skies and decent transparency, with the large active region(s?) of late heading over the limb it was a good opportunity to check out for CaK proms, and there were plenty!

Trio Of Full Disks 10th October

WL Full Disk 80mm f7.5 zwo183mm bw Ha FD DS50 2x cemax zwo183mm bw CaK FD 60mm f10 zwo183mm bw Monday was nice and sunny, I managed to get a trio of full disks. The sun is nice and active at the moment...

Sunday 2 October 2022

Ha Full Disk 1st October

Ha FD DS50 2x cemax zwo183mm pre transit bw The sun gets ever lower in the sky but clear skies meant I managed a quick full disk in the afternoon. I was keen to try out my new Beloptik ITF filter on the BF15, and are pleased to find it has higher transmission, with exposure time of 5ms compared to the usual 6ms. The disk was taken with the double stacked 50mm setup, 2x cemax barlow and the ZWO183mm camera.