Monday, 20 September 2021

Sunday Proms! 19th September

Prom The gaps were very fleeting on Sunday, and there was a lot of haze, but there were some lovely proms and I did get this image with the Coronado DS90, 2x Cemax barlow and the ZWO290mm camera. I was really ;ucky that before imaging I was taking the view in through the eyepiece and saw a passenger jet transit the sun.

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Ha Full Disk 18th September

Ha-FD-SS-Apollo-Blocker-Colour A quick full disk of a rather quiet sun taken with the Lunt LS50C etalon, Coronado BF15, 2x cemax barlow and a 1.7a blocker by Apollo Lasky. The addition of the blocker clearly increases contrast on the disk, with the effect of the etalons bandpass being reduced by 0.1-0.2a. The filaments had more contrast and were darker, and the surface had a more textured appearance. Certainly something to explore the use of more!

Monday, 6 September 2021

Sunday Sunshine 5th September

A busy summer and less than summery weather at times has meant i've not been able to image as much as I like, however a cloudy forecast for Sunday was actually the reverse and clear skies prevailed. The full disk was taken with the double stacked 50mm scope, and the close ups with the double stacked 90mm scope. Ha-FD-DS50
Ar-Prom-Ha-DS90-f18-290mm ar12866-ar12868-Ha-DS90-f18-zwo290mm ar12864-Ha-DS90-f18-zwo290mm ar12863-Ha-DS90-f18-zwo290mm It's nice to see activity finally picking up properly again on the sun!