Sunday, 24 July 2022

Ha Sun 16th July.

Ha-FD-DS50-2x-cemax-183mm-2x-binning ar13055-Ha-DS90-2x-cemax-290mm-colour ar13056-Ha-DS90-2x-cemax-290mm-bw AR13057-Ha-DS90-2x-cemax-290mm-bw

Sunday, 17 July 2022

White Light Sun 11th July

WL-FD-100mm-f8-zwo183mm-bw AR13055-WL-127mm-2x-cemax-zwo183mm-bw AR13053-WL-127mm-2x-cemax-zwo183mm-bw

CaK Sun July 11th

CaK-FD-40mm-f15-zwo183mm.-colour ar13055-CaK-80mm-f15-zwo183mm-bw AR13053-CaK-80mm-f15-zwo183mm-bw AR13051-CaK-80mm-f15-zwo290mm-bw

Ha Sun July 11th

There was a lot to see on the sun in Ha! Ha-FD-DS50-2x-cemax-zwo183mm-2x-binning-bw New-AR-Ha-DSQ-127mm-IMX174-colour Filaprom-Ha-DSQ-127mm-174mm-colour Filament-Ha--DSQ-127mm-IMX174-bw ar13055-Ha-DSQ-127mm-IMX174-colour AR13053-Ha-DSQ-127mm-IMX174-bw

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Crescent Moon 6th July

The moon was putting on a nice show in the warm summer evening sky. Taken with the 100/800 APM refrator and the ZWO183mm camera. crescent-moon-2

CaK Sun 3rd July

Some quick CAK images... CaK-FD-40mm-f15-zwo183mm-bw
AR13046-CaK-66mm-f16-zwo183mm-bw ar13047-CaK-66mm-f15-zwo183mm-bw

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Sunday Sunshine 26th June CaK Selection

Conditions weren't supporting the largest apertures, but I was able to get up to 80mm for the closer views. Very pleased with how the zwo183mm performs at CaK wavelenhgths, both full disk and for closeups using ROI. CaK-FD-50mm-f15-zwo183mm-bw ar13038-CaK-80mm-f15-zwo183mm-bw ar13040-CaK-80mm-f15-zwo183mm-bw

Sunday Sunshine 26th June Ha Selection

Conditions were quite nice on Sunday, with at times, some decent seeing. I was able to capture the full disk with the DS50 and also get a closeup with the double stacked Quark on the APM 100/800 refractor. Ha-FD-DS50-2x-cemax-zwo183mm-2x-binning-bw AR13040-Ha-DSQ-100mm-f8-imx174-bw

Solar Selection 25th June

A selection of images taken on 25th June... Ha-FD-DS50-2x-cemax-zwo183mm-2x-binning-colour CaK-FD-53mm-f15-zwo183mm-colour ar13038-CaK-80mm-f15-ZWO183mm-bw ar13040-CaK-80mm-f15-zwo183mm-bw