Wednesday, 25 May 2011

CaK Full Disk 24th May

cak full disk, originally uploaded by Mark Townley.

My double stacked homemade CaK filter continues to impress me pulling out plenty of detail. Despite a very quiet sun there is still a reasonable amount of structure visible on the disk. Looking forward to being able to image again at this wavelength with the 127mm frac!

Ha Full Disk 24th May

ha full disk, originally uploaded by Mark Townley.

After over 2 weeks of not being able to image because of poor weather here in middle England today finally presented a chance! A relatively featureless and quiet disk was complemented by a decent display of proms!

Taken with the DS40 @ f9, DMK31, 6 pane mosaic in IMerge.

I'm getting aperture fever at these wavelengths big time now - might have to start weighing up the options! ;-)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ha & CaK Montage 8th May

ha cak montage, originally uploaded by Mark Townley.

April showers are arriving late in the UK at the moment - it's May! Despie the unstable airmass and it's unpredictable showers I ventured out this sunday afternoon to get some imaging in.

The Ha shot is taken with the Coronado DS40 etalon @ f9 with a DMK31 camera. Exposure time was 1/77sec.

The CaK shot was taken with my homemade 'Baader-Nado filter', 70mm f11, DMK31 camera @ 1/2000 sec exposure.

Hoping I can get somemore images in as the week goes on!!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ha Full Disk 3rd May

ha full disk, originally uploaded by Mark Townley.

Taken as a 6 pane mosaic with the DS40 tuesdays sun was a pretty affair with lots of disk detail and lots of small hairy proms around the limb. Looks like unsettled weather may be returning for me now, so possibly the last image for a day or 3. Hope you like it!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

3 Disk Montage - 1st May

3 Disk Montage, originally uploaded by Mark Townley.

Despite clear skies here in the West Midlands we are buffeted by gusting and at times quite strong winds. As a result imaging at longer focal lengths with the 127mm scope isn't an option. So for today, the 1st of may, observations were restricted to using the smaller, lighter 70mm refractor. Each of the images that make up this montage was in turn made up from several frames in the form of a mosaic.

Clicking on the image in this blog, and then again on the image in Flickr will let the viewer see this image in it's original full size, which is pretty big and well worth doing!!!