Monday 4 October 2021

Calcium Overview - 3rd October

CaK-FD-DS-colour ar12880-CaK-DS-40mm-f25-290mm-colour New-AR-CaK-DS-40mm-f25-290mm-colour Plage-CaK-DS-40mm-f25-290mm-colour The seeing was decidedly ropey, and as I was struggling at 90mm in Ha, I decided to play it safe and to drop right back to 40mm in CaK. Whilst the resolution isn't great it is nice to see the features on view.

Ha Sun 3rd October

Plage-Ha-DS90-2x-cemax-290mm-colour AR12880-Ha-DS90-2x-cemax-290mm-colour It was nice to get some autumn sunshine, and despite poor seeing I just about got some usable images from the Coronado DS90, 2x Cemax barlow and the ZWO290mm camera. It's good to see all this activity on the sun again.