Imaging Tutorials

Here you can find a variety of different tutorials that I hope will help you with your solar imaging.  My goal is to assemble the most comprehensive collection of video tutorials applicable to solar astronomy that can be found on the internet.  If you have a solar tutorial video, or know of one that is not included, please use the contact form  on this website to let me know so that I can include it here.

Image Processing

The video below is my full disk tutorial highlighting how I post process my full disk Ha images.  Many parts of this tutorial are equally applicable to full disks in both white light and CaK wavelengths.

The following video gives some insight into imaging 'one shots' (disk and proms in the same image) and also the use of the shadow and highlights function in Photoshop CS4.

Here follows an excellent series of tutorials by American amateur astronomer Ken Crawford that show a wide variety of techniques and is excellent in developing your solar image processing skills!

Below is a series of excellent tutorials from American solar astronomer Earl Foster showing how to put a scale Earth in your solar images:-

Producing Animations

Here I have put together a series of tutorials detailing how to produce an animation of say a solar flare, plane transit, ISS transit, bird transit etc.

Stacking Software

Here you will find tutorials outlining how to use a variety of freely available software packages for producing stacked images from avi files

While not specifically an image processing video, the following I think is a very useful tutorial on how to repair a broken avi file.  IC Capture can on occasion 'crash' immediately after the avi has finished recording, and this renders the file useless.  This tutorial shows the method for recovering these files and making them usable again:

Capture Software

A quick tutorial on the way i'm using IC Capture for my Imaging Source DMK31 CCD camera that I currently use for all my solar work.

I hope you find these tutorials useful, and, if you know of any more I can add here, then please get intouch with me by the contact form on this website to let me know.  Thanks for looking!