Thursday, 9 July 2020

Ha Full Disk 6th July


It has been a while since i've seen a full disk with quite so much activity as this one, yes there are no sunspots or active regions, but there is plenty of plage activity and filaments that show signs of cycle 25 magnetism just below the surface at the higher latitudes, there is even some relic cycle 24 activity floating around the equator.  All this is a positive sign the solar doldrums are slowly going behind us.  Taken with a Lunt50 etalon double stacked with a Daystar Quark on a 60mm f6 scope.  A Baader solar telecompressor was used to get the image on the chip of the FLIR Grasshopper 3 camera.

Cycle 25 Activity 6th July


Using the 100mm Tal refractor, 2,7x Airylab telecentric and a Daystar etalon I closed in on the region of activity in the southern hemisphere.  Sporting a filament showing the divide in polarity of a region of magnetism, and also a area of brighter plage were visible.  Given their low latitudes this indicates it is activity associated with the new solar cycle.

CaK Full Disk 6th July


The weather here in the UK really hasn't been great following summer like weather in spring, and now, autumnal weather in summer.  Maybe autumn will see a return to summer?  Fortunately some late afternoon sunshine allowed me some brief views of our star.  Viewing in CaK at 60mm aperture with f16 at both the filter and chip revealed the sun has quite a lot of plage visible at the moment, and while this is only small scale it is abundant and indicative of the cycle 25 jet stream bands of magnetism sat just below the solar surface.