Saturday 15 October 2011

Ha Full Disk - 15th October

ha full disk by Mark Townley
ha full disk, a photo by Mark Townley on Flickr.

The sun is very low in the sky for me now as winter approaches, realistically i can only really observe on weekends, and even then I only have a window of a couple of hours in the gaps in between the houses and the trees. This could possibly be one of my last images for the 2010 season? I hope not...

Solar activity has really ramped up this year, and this picture shows it really well. While there might not be a large number of prominences the disk is alive with activity - active regions and their associated sunspots, flaring, filaments, and on the limb even a filaprom. I will try and observe as much as possible through the winter season, and with activity like this the 2012 season can only get better!