Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ha Full Disk - 16th December

ha full disk by Mark Townley
ha full disk, a photo by Mark Townley on Flickr.
I finally managed to get some sun on this winters sunday morning. I had the PST set up on a camera tripod and was having to continually move it around to avoid the leafless branches that hide my near solstice horizon. Never the less i'm able to shoot about 600 frames before the sun drifts out of the fov of the DMK31. This is a 2 pane mosaic as the chip of the DMK just isn't large enough! Guess I need a DMK41 aswell... I did try the PL130M but the results from this are second par to the DMK, shame as it has a nice wide fov. Given the low altitude of the sun and attendant horizon haze i'm pleased with the way this has come out for a single stack shot. It has me eagerly anticipating the new year when will be able to run the PST mod in 70mm mode at 400mm focal length - detail levels and resolution will increase significantly then...