Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sundays Naked Ha Full Disk 9th November

After what seems like weeks and weeks of not being able to get any sun, this sunday morning dawned with frosty clear blue skies.  I knew that with the low sun hopping in and out of the trees and rooftops that the seeing wasn't going to be great so I decided to not be too ambitious with the aperture and stuck to the DS40 at 560mm focal length with the DMK31.  I just caught the start of the big prominence that was starting to lift off, and at the time and at this point was just detached.  I really liked the raw data that I had got, and so decided to process the image 'naked' - all that was done was some sharp sharpen; no levels or contrast etc, and this in my eyes gives a very natural view of our star like you would get at the eyepiece of the scope, I really like how natural and wispy the prominences look.  Included below is the black and white version just in case you prefer monochrome over colour.