Saturday, 17 January 2015

CaK Proms 17th January

The proms in CaK were really bright this morning, and there were lots of them, so I decided to up the exposure and go for a prom shot.  It also gave me the opportunity to try out a setup I intend using for the eclipse on March 20th; at the time I will be doing outreach, and so have decided to show views of the sun through the eyepiece in whitelight and also Ha, however I plan to record a timelapse of the eclipse in CaK light, showing its complete passage (weather permitting of course!)  I shall image at the same scale as the image above, as this gives me some 'space' around the solar disk, which if someone nudges the scope I hopefully wont lose it out of the fov.  I will ofcourse be using the excellent Hutech solar guider to make sure things are kept squarely in the field of view.  This image is with the 40mm scope and a 0.5x reducer on the nosepiece of the DMK31 camera with the homebrew CaK filter.