Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ha Full Disk 7th February

Conditions were far from great this Sunday morning, with bands of showers in an unstable air stream ahead of Storm Imogen meaning I didn't have long to get an image in.  I think the focus was a little soft when I took this shot taken with the triple stacked 40mm scope at 700mm focal length with PGR Blackfly IMX249 GigE camera.  

The sun was having a bit of a crackle on a few of the active regions. Curiously it almost looks to me like the band of plage that marks the solar jet streams crosses from one hemisphere to another. The jet stream is more active in the southern hemisphere on the west of disk, but on the eastern quadrant the jet stream looks more active in the north. Just to the west of mid disk there is a bright patch of place on the solar equator that when you look at the filaments and other features would apparently look like the jet stream switches hemisphere here. An illusion or a real feature? who knows...