Thursday, 7 April 2016

Dead Plage and CaK Proms - 6th April

When I observed this area coming around the limb in the HaT a day earlier it looked as if there was an active region associated with it going by the filaments and plasma that could be seen.  However looking in CaK wavelengths there is no spot visible.  What is likely the case is that there was a spot (in the past!) but it has long since decayed, but the choppy plasma where it was remains.  There are actually some faint proms and the spicule layer visible in this image taken with the 60mm scope at 1900mm focal length with the homebrew CaK filter and the PGR Blackfly GigE IMX249 camera.  I have a PGR Chameleon 3 arriving very soon, and, with its smaller 3.45um pixels, compared to the 5.86um pixels of the Blackfly I am very keen to see how it performs in CaK wavelengths!