Friday, 1 July 2016

Ha Full Disk 26th June

June has been one of the poorest months I can remember in a long time in terms of bad weather - cloud and rain, most un-seasonal in the weather we have been having, and, as a result this has had a real impact on solar observing with just 2 days possible, one at the start of the month and this at the end.  This image was taken through my Lunt 50 etalon on a 40mm scope at 560mm focal length with a PGR Blackfly GigE IMX249 camera.  It is a departure from the normal Coronado DS40 etalons normally used, as after one of them was decontacted, despite me recontacting it the performance has never been the same, and i've never really been happy with either of these etalons in any combination, with or without the LS50 etalon.  As the LS50 etalon is a double stack certified etalon I really didn't expect it to work on its own in single stack, but it does and works well, which really surprised me.  So, for now, until I can afford an LS50 scope to mate it with it will be used in single stack mode like this.