Sunday 16 October 2016

Ha Full Disk - 16th October

Just the one image from today as seemed to be under a cloud streamer, and then the sun passed into the trees.  Still work to be done with this PST, there is soooo much slack in the threads in the etalon tuning ring that it is difficult to fine tune; next steps are some PTFE tape on the threads.  Secondly the eyepeice holder will be reduced in length so that i'm not at the extremes of focus with the camera.  Either way, all good fun playing.  Taken with a Lunt50 to double stack it and a PGR Chameleon 3 camera. Tilting to get rid of newtons rings causes the right hand edge to be a little soft, but I have on order a wedge prism to go in the camera nosepiece as a possible solution - stay tuned for updates on this over the weeks!