Sunday, 4 June 2017

AR12661 in Ha - 4th June

This active region that has rotated into view only recently spewed off a near M class flare in the hours preceding this image being taken and looked to be very lively at the time, with lots of swirling plasma, and, in this image taken with the double stack system the sunspot itself virtually hidden as a photospheric feature.  The seeing was variable in the rapidly bubbling up cloud in an unstable atmosphere, and I took several shots with this one coming out the best.  The 203mm Airylab HaT was used, along with a Double Stacked Daystar Quark, a Baader solar Telecompressor to bring the focal length down to about 4250mm.  The PGR Chameleon 3 was used with 2x2 binning to give effective 6.9um pixels, short 3ms exposure and 120fps with the latest version of firecapture.