Friday, 6 April 2018

EX - AR12699 - Filaments and Magnetic Fields - 5th April

2 solar rotations ago at the start of February the winter sun was graced with the sight of an active region yielding a number of spots.  A rotation later it emerged on the solar limb as nothing more than a region of plage.  On it's second rotation it took a bit of rejuvenation and for a few days following some minor flaring very small spots briefly appeared.  In calcium wavelengths this bright plage is easily seen, however in Ha wavelengths it can be see a region of churned plasma with a central dark filament forming the boundary between the opposing magnetic field lines of the ex-active region.  This shot was taken with the 60mm f6 ED60 scope and double stacked Daystar Quark along with the PGR Blackfly IMX249 camera.