Thursday 21 June 2018

Double Stack Disk - 21st June

Taken a while to get to this point; I decided a while ago to return to double stacked front mounted etalons as a quick grab and go setup - the Lunt50 scope took too long to acclimate, which was no good for my early morning imaging sessions and especially for imaging in the cloud breaks here in the UK.  I double stacked a pair of Lunt 50 etalons on the front of my Tecnosky ED60 f6 APO refractor along with a Coronado BF15 blocking filter.  Camera used was the PGR Chameleon 3.  Given this is the very first light with the setup I think there is great potential as the etalons were not clocked with respect to each other, something I know from experience can improve results considerably.  I look forward to exploring using this setup more in the days ahead.