Sunday, 19 January 2020

Ha Full Disk & S6348 - 19th January

With each passing day the sun gets higher and higher in the sky, and with seasonally high pressure sat over the UK this weekend allowed an opportunity to get a view of our star,  It will only be a couple of weeks until the sun is clear of of my winter tree lined horizon.  Till then it is a case of grabbing the gaps between the trees, and this Sunday afternoon allowed just that.  The sun seems at first glance blank, but in the north east quadrant a emerging flux region shows itself as a bright point, and is likely to develop as an active region as is already showing pores in white light.  Polar filaments in the northern hemisphere are already a proxy of cycle 25, and on the south western limb a flame prominence was very evident.  The disk was taken with a Lunt 50 etalon on a 60mm f6 scope, double stacked with a Daystar Quark and imaged using a GH3 camera.