Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Decaying Plage in CaK 6th April

magnetic-region-CaK-close-bw This small area of activity had died down a bit by the 6th April, but a few days before it was sporting a few pores. Sadly it didn't develop into anything more substantial. The seeing was surprisingly better than both I expected or forecast first thing, so I decided to chance it and have a go with the 100mm scope at f46, shooting 6000 frame avis I figured would give me enough raw data to work with, and this is indeed the case. This image shows the fluffy cloud like view that you get with on band closeup CAK views, showing a height somewhere between 1000-2000km up in the chromosphere. I pretty pleased with the results as day to day conditions mean getting hi-res images like this are quite hard to come by.