Sunday 23 May 2021

AR12824 Ha - 22nd May

ar12824-Ha-DS90-2x-290mm Following a great start to spring weather wise, May as a month has not been great for solar imaging, with temperatures below average and plenty of cloud and rain. Gaps have been few and far between or generally when i've been at work. Satruday offered brighter skies, never completely clear, but transient brief blue patches, which is considerably better than the past few weeks gave. I started off with some visual work with the Coronado DS90 and a 18mm Cemax eyepiece which gives a nice full disk scale at 44x magnification. There was lots of pencil thin detail etched around the main active region, along with tenuous filaments and some small proms. After a band of showers passed through I switched to the 2x cemax barlow and the ZWO290mm camera for a close up view. Seeing was up and down in between the cloud gaps, and this is as sharp a view as I got. Later on there was some small scale C-class flaring which was interesting to view through the eyepiece. Just hoping some better weather arrives soon!