Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sun Wednesday 28th July

This is the first time in over 10 days i've been able to get a look at or image the sun. I woke up to blue skies this morning, however my easterly aspect is not only uphill, but also a horizon of rooftops, so I have to wait roughly 4 hours from sunrise till I can actually see that darn thing... This is not my best shot, the solar disk was a matter of degrees above a neighbours rooftop, and, you've guessed it cloud was racing in fast. As a result I got alot less frames than I would normally when imaging. Still, in this naff British weather a shot is a shot i guess...Lots going on on the disk today - the HUGE prom on the south eastern limb was the feature that instantly caught my eye, and the numerous filaments really stood out in the DS view. The new spot coming over the limb has a huge area of churned chromosphere associated with it.

Taken with DS40 @ f16 PL130M
Tomorrows weather promises to be better so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!