Sunday, 17 March 2013

CaK Full Disk - 17th March

The clouds finally parted late this Sunday afternoon, if only briefly, to reveal our star through the high cloud and haze.  Shadows were visible on the ground which is more than enough excuse here in the UK to get the solar scopes out.  I'm glad to have managed to get a photograph of the band of active regions that are stretching across the solar northern hemisphere.  This image was taken with the 70mm frac at f6  with the DMK31 and homebrew CaK filter; this is one half of a Baader K-line filter, a 387nm fluorescence filter and the front filter from a CaK PST.  Given the sun was only several degrees above the horizon and the very poor transparency i'm looking forward to trying it out properly when the sun is high in the sky and the sky is blue!   The black and white image is seen below: