Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ha Full Disk - 2nd March

Ha full disk colour by Mark Townley
Ha full disk colour, a photo by Mark Townley on Flickr.

A trifecta of full disks from the 2nd march - this was taken with the 70mm PST mod at f12. The longer wavelengths of hydrogen alpha allowed me to up the image scale here. I really like how this new scope is performing and the lovely detailed images it produces. It is a great compromise between size and ability to work well in poor seeing conditions. I believe later in the year when the sun is higher in the sky and seeing is good - saturday seeing was dire! This scope will pull out an extra level of detail. This is producing full disks that are 2000x2000 pixels, and if we do ever get a busy solar disk this year I may have to make a print of it for hanging on the wall using this scope.