Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sundays Blue Sun 30th March

Sunday was a frustrating day weather wise, it was lovely and warm, but all day the passing clouds and haze just never really shifted.   It was only as evening approached I could see on there was a break in the clouds finally heading towards me.  The sky never really cleared, going more a yellowish milky tinge.  However I set up the 40mm at f10 and could see an image on the screen - a dim one admittedly, I had to run the DMK31 camera at 1/30s exposure and gain on 650!  I stacked considerably more frames than I usually do to try and get rid of some of the noise that running on such high gain brings.  I'm pretty pleased with the resultant image given the conditions, the proms are just about visible, and there were some nice fast moving jets of plasma coming over the north eastern limb.  I spent some considerable time this afternoon using trial and error to try and get to the bottom of the problem of reflections and ghost images with this filter setup.  The image from today seems to show the ghost has gone, but need to test this on the 100mm Tal refractor to be sure.  I'm hoping i've finally got to the bottom of this problem!  Once I have my next project will be to make a tube baffle system for the 100mm scope to try and tease a bit more image contrast out.