Sunday, 13 July 2014

CaK Proms 13th July

I was hoping to get a decent imaging run in this sunday afternoon, but the weather had other ideas, and despite there being numerous blue patches in the sky later in the day, none of these corresponded to where the sun was.  I wanted to test out the latest incarnation of my CaK filter rig to see if I had managed to shift some of the annoying reflections / ghosts that can manifest themselves.  I was using the 0.5x focal reducer to get me down to about 300mm focal length to get the whole solar disk on the chip of the DMK31, plus this configuration is ruthless in showing up ghosts.  To my amazement there was a huge prominence in the process of lifting off!  The stacked image is not the best as there was passing cloud throughout the exposure, but it does give a flavour of what was going on.  The weather forecast for monday morning first thing is supposed to be good, so hopefully I will be able to get an imaging run in before I head off to work.  I will be very surprised if the prom that was lifting of is still there, but I shall certainly be looking out for it.