Friday, 7 August 2015

AR12396 in Ha - 6th August

I was worried with a new huge active region appearing this would destine the British weather to be appalling for weeks, well yesterday I got a brief gap late in the afternoon so decided to get out and observe it.  Seeing was all over the place as I was imaging in tight gaps in between bands of clouds. By taking dozens of imaging runs, and then stacking these, I was able to pick the sharpest from that session which is the image above - lucky imaging!  The shot was taken with the Skywatcher ED80 refractor, Daystar Quark, Baader Solar Telecompressor giving a 0.75x reduction factor, and the PGR Blackfly GigE IMX249 camera.  Stacking done in Autostakkert, with post processing done in IMppG and Photoshop CS6.