Sunday, 8 May 2016

Big Full Disk Mosaic With The Quark - 8th May

The blue sky lasted long enough today for me to get a full disk mosaic in Ha using the Daystar Quark with the Skywatcher ED80, now I have got the camera chip tilted there are no interference fringes with the PGR Blackly GigE IMX249 camera.  The image is huge and worth a click to see full size.  This is in contrast to the full disk I took with the Coronado DS40, even though I managed to recontact the etalon on this scope, now it needs a lot of tilt to get it on band and shows banding effects.  This may be due to the etalon not being seated squarely, and will warrant some further attention from me to try and come up with a fix, though I am tempted to bite the bullet and go for a Lunt50, I do think I will get better results with a pressure tuned scope.  The image below shows the banding issues.
There is still more contrast with the little 40mm scope!