Sunday, 1 May 2016

CaK Full Disk and Halos - 1st May

The weather forecast for sunday for me was rain, apart from a glimmer of hope of a bit of sun right around dawn. I decided to get up early and take my chances. The sky wasn't completely clear, and as a result there was a fantastic display of halos: I'm used to the usual 22 degree halo in our frequently milky skies, but today offered a bit more. There is a hint of a Parhelic circle, parhelia (sun dogs), a really bright upper tangent arc but also a plainly visible 46 degree halo, which is an altogether rarer phenomena , and something i've only seen a couple of times in over 30 years of looking for these things.  Anyhoo, I was supposed to be solar observing, I started off with the CaK full disk, this is all I got as those clouds were thickening all the while. This is all I ended up with in the end...  Taken with the 40mm scope at 550mm focal length with the homebrew CaK filter and the PGR Chameleon 3 (IMX265) camera.