Saturday, 27 August 2016

From Aurora to Cloud - 25th August

There was some forecast for aurora in the early hours of the 25th auugst, but, at the same time the weather forecast wasn't good either with cloud forecast.  At 11pm on the 24th the sky was over cast so I decided to head off to bed.  My setup is fully automated now, and so set it to start recording at 1am, 15 second consecutive exposures until the battery died on the Canon 350D.  Well at 1.15am the clouds thinned just enough for the aurora to peek through, the gap was brief, as by 1.45am the clouds had returned.  Still, when I got up the next morning to check what I had recorded I was pleased with this brief record of the northern lights.  Fingers crossed there will be more to come in the week ahead!