Sunday, 4 September 2016

Brekka Aurora - 31st August

It was just getting dark on the evening of Wednesday 31st august and with a Kp4 forecast for northern lights it wasn't long until it they started to show themselves in the twilight sky.  The aurora was very dynamic, and, at times bright too, illuminating the landscape and surroundings.  This is a 30 minute timelapse with 4 images a minute taken with the Canon 350D, iso800, 30s exposure with the Sigma 10mm f4 lens.  I also worked out how to apply a  flat in photoshop to remove the hot pixels from the ageing Canon 350D that was quite effective, next step will be to apply this and also to apply some data from magnetometers to produce a sound track to the 'HD' version of the animations i've captured over the 2 weeks I recently spent in Iceland.