Monday 26 December 2016

Small Prominence, Small Filaprom - 26th December

It's days like today when a double stacked scope is really needed to see the smaller and finer details on our star.  Double stacking reduces continuum leakage from the wings of the Ha line at 656.28nm, and the consequence of this is increased contrast, making delicate filaments and filaproms easier to see, in a single stacked scope these tangible details are just washed out.  While very little was visible on todays sun, the double stacked PST did a good job of showing these more subtle features.  My favourite in this shot is the small filament and the hazy filaprom.  Also working very well was the Daystar Interference Eliminator in doing a great job of applying just the right amount of tilt to get rid of the annoying Newtons rings!