Tuesday, 4 April 2017

AR12645 in CaK Light - 4th April

I was really pleased to be able to leave work relatively early this afternoon and capitalise on the clear skies that had appeared as the day progressed.  There was a lot of haze in the western sky, and the seeing was shot with a pretty gusty wind at times, but, never the less was nice to be able get a last look at the large groups of active region that have been geo-effective over the past week.  On the limb, even in Calcium wavelengths, there was a surge prom visible from AR12644 that had been spitting with M class flares earlier in the week.  This image was taken with the 80mm scope at ~2000mm focal length with the PGR Chameleon 3 camera using 2x2 binning to shorten the exposure and freeze the seeing; this technique worked very well in this instance, the image may not be perfect but was considerably better than the live view image when the capture was taking place.