Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Flame Prom and AR12650 in Ha - 11th April

The main focus of todays activity on the sun was focused in the north eastern quadrant, with recently rounded active region AR12650, and a gorgeous flame prom on the limb.  I was messing around with some different configurations with the 100mm Tal100R refractor and the double stacked Daystar Quark, Baader telecompressor to give an effective focal length of about 3 metres. The sky was overcast with thin cloud and the seeing was all over the place so I decided to use the PGR Chameleon 3 with 2x2 binning to get a much shorter exposure time.  This seemed to work well, and I was pleasantly surprised with both of the images I got in todays session.  The Quark worked particularly well with the Tal100R with the seeing like this, so, with a couple of screw on adapters to make things a little more orthogonal to the optical axis, and I could well be using this setup a little more!