Sunday, 11 February 2018

Ha Full Disk - 11th February

The sun is getting ever higher with each passing day now, and each day gives an ever so slightly longer window for observation as old yellow rise clears the roof tops and trees of the urban skyline.  After dire conditions on Saturday I was optimistic Sunday may bring some clear skies as a low pressure system passed west to east into the north sea and pressure rose.  The air high above the UK was very cold and this led to much instability with towering cumulus shower clouds building which rattled through on a brisk north westerly wind.  The air in-between these clouds was very clear and the sky a rare deep blue so I risked a soaking and setup.  I'm still getting the hang of the Lunt Double stacked 50, as the ideal frame for imaging is just off centre.  I'm pleased with this shot though given conditions, it really was shooting between the clouds.  I'm more pleased to capture AR12699 which was just passing centre disk and may well be one of the last major active regions of the current solar cycle.