Sunday, 4 February 2018

Sunday Sunshine - 4th February

The weather has not been in any way lending towards observing the sun this winters season, endless cloud and grey is not the way toward seeing what is happening 150 million kilometres from Earth.  The weather forecast for this weekend was again unfavourable, but from dawn there were hints of brightness in the sky, and from about 11am solid skies turned into a mobile and transient cloud cover.  I had other commitments for the day but with an hours window I quickly got out the double stacked Lunt 50 and setup.  It was just nice to observe through the eyepiece, and, for several minutes this is what I did, scrolling in and out of the tuneable range of the Lunt taking in the doppler shift that was clear to see with the prominences.  I knew I was on band when the ghostly filament clouds snapped into view on the disk.  Despite the lack of activity it was nice to say hello with our solar friend at the start of a new year.  The little surge prom on the limb was interesting, and, if time allowed would have made for an excellent timelapse, particularly at higher resolution.  Taken with a double stacked Lunt 50 with kick a$$ moonlite focuser, a bit of barlow to get full frame and the solid and reliable PGR chameleon 3 camera.  Hoping for some clear skies next weekend now, fingers crossed!