Sunday, 3 February 2019

Ha Full Disk With a New Setup - 3rd February

A new year and a new solar setup.  As mentioned in previous posts I have a PGR Grasshopper 3 with a ICX814 chip that gives a 9.1Mp image which is great for full disks up to 1000mm focal length.  I just bought a Coronado SM90ii, a rather nice scope that is fitted with a Feathertouch focuser.

With it's 800mm focal length the full disk fits comfortably on the ICX814 chip with room to spare, and with no newtons rings visible no tilt is needed either.  Todays conditions were hazy at best and the sun is still skirting in the top of the trees, but with each passing week it gets higher and conditions get better.  Looking forward to seeing what this scope is capable of this year!