Sunday, 10 February 2019

Solar Minimum Sunshine 9th February

Nothing to see here, move along...  Saturdays disk is fairly typical of a solar minimum sun - the disk looks blank.  There is a small region of very decayed plage from active regions several rotations ago but that it is it on the surface.  The proms were the star of the show, and looked fantastic through the SM90 with an 18mm Coronado Cemax eyepiece.  This image is a composite disk / proms shot with the PGR GH3 ICX814 camera.  Poor seeing and haze were the order of the morning to give imaging that extra challenge, but it is nice to see the sun rising higher and higher in the sky with each passing week.  Wonder how long these conditions will last until we see the signs of cycle 25 becoming more predominant and obvious in the solar northern hemisphere?