Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Solar Collection - 27th February

Saturday offered great transparency but awful seeing, very first thing was ok and allowed some closeups in Ha with the 120mm scope at f28: ar12804-ha-colour ar12805-ha-colour With seeing deteriorating I switched to Calcium wavelengths and used an aperture stop of 72mm on the same scope to save some time. I was fighting the seeing and post processing came to the rescue with quite heavy deconvolution. CaK-disk-colour Dropping back to 60mm and a change of camera gave some cropped views of the main regions of activity. ar12804-cak-colour ar12805-cak-colour Finally a view of the Ha full disk with the DS90, seeing wasnt great and the tuning is not quite there, but i'm pleased with the results given less than ideal conditions. Ha-fd-ds90-colour