Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Solar Sunday - 28th February

For the 3rd day in a row (must be a record!) the day dawned sunny and clear, and I was keen to observe. Starting at around 9am with the 120mm scope at f28 for Ha, and again found myself fighting the seeing which was deteriorating by the minute. First off our departing active region and a bit of aggressive post processing to try and claw something back. ar12804-ha-colour I did a quick scoot around the limb for the proms as the disk itself was pretty blank. prom-1 prom-3 prom-4 Switching down to the 50mm double stack setup was giving better outcomes in the turbulent atmosphere. Ha-FD-DS50-bw And a look round at the areas of activity: filaprom-colour ar12805-ha-DS50-colour ar12804-HA-DS50-colour An hour or two later and after a bit of lunch and the sun out of the trees and I decided to have a look in Cak, using the 40mm scope. First off the full disk and the good sky transparency was ideal for CaK proms. CaK-FD-colour efr-cak-colour ar12805-cak-colour ar12804-cak-colour