Tuesday, 31 March 2015

AR12305 Departing 31st March

The last day of march was a day of weather very reminiscent of April showers, a vigorous low pressure system passed through last night with its attendant wind and rain, and behind that a very unstable air mass with particularly cold air aloft. Shower after heavy shower of rain, sleet and hail rattled through, and later in the afternoon seemed to die down so I get the kit out and covered it all up with the water proof tarpaulin and sat in wait.

When the gap between two towering cumulus clouds finally gave me some blue sky the first thing that was apparent was how poor the seeing was compared to the day before. However, clear skies are a rare commodity here in the UK, so you have to shoot away when you can. Here's a couple of images taken with the DS Quark & DMK31 camera.