Monday, 30 March 2015

Surge Proms & AR12305 With The Quark - 30th March

This region of sun looked absolutely fantastic through the double stacked Daystar Quark this morning, with the numerous filaments adding a real sense of 3D relief to the view.
There was a beautiful surging prominence, which at the time this image was taken was taking on the form of a crown.  The view through the eyepiece was very special!  Cloud was racing in very quickly when I was taking the panes for this image, and at one point thought only the top half would be usable however the miracles of autostakkert seem to have won through and the final image looks good.  This was taken with the Skywatcher ED80 telescope with the Imaging Source DMK31 camera using a 0.5x focal reducer.  After I took this image I seem to have made some headway with the Baader solar telecompressor, and, in particular potentially removing the newtons rings from the image, but, need a bit more clear sky to test this experiment a bit more thoroughly.  Till then, pleased with the results from the cheap focal reducer i'm using.