Monday, 30 March 2015

CaK Full Disk 30th March

Seems ages since i've done any imaging in CaK - seem to have been distracted by the Quark, but todays sun, even though being relatively quiet shows there's always plenty to see at the blue end of the spectrum.  The surge prom on the western limb was the brightest feature on the sun when the picture was taken, but on the eastern limb there are ghostly hints of the large filament that was visible there today.  This years mission with CaK, apart from to image with the ED60 scope, is also to concentrate on increasing out of band blocking and so reducing continuum leakage, hopefully increasing contrast a little more and in turn maybe revealing a few more proms and filaments a little easier.  This shot was taken with the 40mm OTA at 700mm focal length with the homebrew CaK filter and the Imaging Source DMK31 camera.