Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Autostakkert3 Beta Version Released

I've always been a fan of the 'Autostakkert' software for stacking my solar images, it is simple to use, and, IMHO gives good results.  I was pleased to see recently version 3 had been released in beta form, with a number of new and interesting features.  A limit frames feature next to the open frame button in the top left allows the user to select only a range of frames for stacking, which, could be useful if part of the recording has clouds passing through, for example.  A greater noise range is also now available to allow the user to really fine tune the stacking to the conditions.  Also of the note is the 'double stack' alignment feature which as the name suggests performs a secondary stack and align on the data.  An interesting feature is it now allows multiple scale alignment points, which, I think is a positive thing.  My images from mid march were all staked using AS3, and I have to say i'm pleased with the results.  The Beta version can be downloaded from Emils website here - give it a go and give feedback to help improve this excellent product!