Saturday, 4 March 2017

The First Sun In a Month... Ha Full Disk 4th March

Since Christmas the weather has been awful for me, with only a few clear days, normally when i'm at work, this is only my second session of 2017.  It was a short one too, there was a low pressure system right over the top of us and I was observing through the eye of the storm.  The sky was very hazy and this contributed to some brightening of the background in this image, but, it is much better than no image!  There were a few small prominences which looked great visually through the 203mm HaT, but conditions were not going to let me image and closeups with the big scope.  Instead I settled for a full disk with the double stacked Coronado PST at 400mm focal length and the PGR Chameleon 3.  The main active region was crackling with plasma, but this was no flare!  It's nice to see the sun after so long.  Now that we are in meteorological spring I hope the weather starts clearing up a bit more!