Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Setting Sun Through The Haze - 15th March

Today really did seem like spring had finally arrived.  It was blue(ish!) skies and in the sunshine actually felt warm.  Sadly I was at work all day, but when I got back around 5ish was surprised just how high the sun still was in the sky, yes, the sky had a yellowish haze to it, but with an open front door I was able to set the Double stacked PST up to see what was happening.  The disk shows not much, a couple of filaments and emerging flux regions, and some small proms.  The image bounced all around the screen as the pier was mounted on suspended wooden floor boards, and with the disk only several degrees above the local horizon I just wanted to grab a quick image.  It's not in tune on the eastern limb, but, this image is better than none and was a pleasure to get in a year with so little imaging taking place so far; hopefully this will improve in the future!  The camera used was the PGR Chameleon 3.