Monday, 1 May 2017

AR12653 in Ha - 1st May

A bit of a rough and ready image today, it was a bank holiday, so we were sat under a low pressure system, and after the rain of the first frontal band I set up before the trailing front came through and had a go at imaging in the suckers gap.  I was testing a new setup; I revived my 70mm f6 refractor, and, stepping down to 60mm to give me an f7 setup I used the double stacked quark to see what I could get.  I quite like the image scale, and when conditions allow it should let me get some nice full disk mosaics.  Still not got the tuning worked out exactly, but getting there!  There isn't much life left in this active region now, but still makes for an interesting view.  The PGR GigE IMX249 camera was used.  I'm looking forward to exploring the use of this new setup a bit more now, weather allowing!